The operational models and communications of accounting firms are changing, and customer demands for receiving information are on an entirely new level.

Tallier.Info is Finland’s largest and leading accounting tool for managing customer communications and data transmission online. Accounting firms are facing challenges as customer service has moved to the multichannel environment. With Tallier.Info, accounting firms can themselves decide which channels they want to serve their customers in—you decide, we enable.

We create your accounting firm its own service channel, through which you can communicate with one or several customer companies centralized in one place. Naturally, the communications are two-way and data secure. The customer companies receive their own company-specific service channel, through which it is possible to read company documents, receive information instead of purely numerical data and make notifications and place orders directly to your own accountant.




Sinun Tilit Ltd.

“We have been able to improve our customer communications by using Tallier.Info as a part of our service operations. I highly recommend the implementation of Tallier.Info for all accounting firms.”

Tanja Jämsä, CEO, Sinun Tilit Ltd.



Tilivirta Ltd.

“If you want communications that are quick, flexible and efficient for the customer, and an easy and paperless option for your accounting firm, I can definitely recommend Tallier.Info.”
Päivi Virta, CEO, Tilivirta Ltd.



Mobimus Oy develops and maintains effective and the market’s most progressive communication tools for the housing management and accounting sectors. Due to its unique operational model and technology, customers can direct their entire attention on their housing management and accounting operations as we simultaneously control the service channels comprehensively in the background.


Our task is to increase the efficiency of two-way interaction by improving customer comfort, customer satisfaction and customer service.


We ensure that you get real-time information of your company 24/7.

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